Cybornetics is a fictional account of how a cyborg is designed and created by a group of scientists working in the lab for the US military. The group is headed by the character named ‘Polenacheck’. He starts to produce a cyborg group designed for the purpose of performing military operations .But a problem arises when the robot hybrid starts using its default settings in order to control, regulate, and stand for their minor group. The cyborg is initially programmed with some moral values and some predetermined list of actions based on the situation faced by the cyborg. The cyborg shown in the Cybornetics is a character which is born of a dying man who has been transformed into a partially machine controlled hybrid.

Cybornetics shows how the setting, which were thought to be essential for the proper functioning of the robot man, turns into a battle field against those who created him. The movie shows how the scientists have devised a human robot with human brain and robot body. Cybornetics takes into account the future robot technology with highly sensitive brain like functioning that are expected to function partially on their own and partially with the controlling computer. But it is this feature, the information that is implanted by the human scientists into the robot, that is a clue to the threat that the robots can use the information for their own benefit .Their default settings can lead them to follow strict laws that they are made to follow, but in the reverse direction in order to take steps to secure the future of the cyborg community rather than that of human community for which they are designed. The cyborgs can become aware of their community by simply analyzing their surroundings and, as designed and programmed, to react to any non- acceptable activity. So in the future, the human race, having so much dependancy on the cyborg generation, might be a situation in which it can expect to be in the minority and the cyborg can be expected to be in the majority and in command. The cyborg community can become so much more powerfull, that they could be the authority in future and will determine the laws and regulation for humans.

Cybornetics covers the threats of using cybernetic technology and making the robots more equipped with the information that could lead them to rule over human race. This threat deserves serious consideration as there is a lot of work going on the area of cybernetics and designing robots equipped with the latest technology. It can become a great threat for humans if the robot man became aware of itself and its robot community and started taking control of the human race for its own self-determination.